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This Privacy Policy specifies what the business owner of this website does with the personal data collected from users, along with how the data is processed and for what purpose.

The website owner takes data protection very seriously and will treat your data confidentially and compliant to legal requirements. Due to technology advancements changes to this website may require an adaption to this data protection policy. Hence, we advise to look for updates regularly.

Definitions of the terms used such as ‘personal data’ or ‘data processing’ you can find in GDPR Article 4.

Access data

Due to our legitimate interest, we, the website owner or site provider, collect access data to our website according to GDPR Article 6 Paragraph 1 ff. . This access data is saved as „Server-Logfiles“ on the server of our website. In line with industry standard we use the format „Apache Combined Log Format“. The following data is recorded:

  • Visited website
  • Request line
  • Status code
  • Time of access
  • Amount of data sent
  • Origin of website arrived from
  • Browser used
  • Operating system used
  • IP-Address (anonymized)
  • Remote-User-Informationen in case you logged into our website via http-Basicauth

The data is collected for security reasons to allow clarification in case of violation. Any data that must be collected for evidence, is excluded from deletion until the incident is finally settled.


This website uses cookies that are either transferred from our server or that by a third party. Cookies are small files that are saved on your device where your browser can access it. Cookies allow a better website usability and website security.

If you do not agree with the use of cookies, please disagree here:

Most browser settings allow the deactivation of cookies. Please note: Disallowing cookie usage, may prevent you from a full website experience without any hinderance.

Collection and processing of personal data

The website owner collects and processes your personal data only if required by law or with your consent.

Personal data is any information, that helps to identify you as a person and allows to be traced back to you such as your name, your Email address, your phone number.

You can visit this website without entering your peronal data. To improve our Online offer, we do collect the access data (no personal data). This data includes information such as files requested or Internet Browser used. This anonymized data cannot be connected back to you.

  • We process personal data such as your name, IP address, Email address, place of residence, postcode and content from the contact form.
  • We only process data with your consent and in compliance with existing data protection laws.
  • We process your personal data due to our legitimate interest in conforming our contractual duties and improve our Online offers.

Handling of Contact data

In case of any contact via the contact offers of our website, we do collect and save your personal data. We use the data to handle and answer your request. Your data will only be forwarded to a third party with your consent.

Processing of comments and contributions

By commenting or contributing to our website, your IP address is saved. This is due to our legitimate interest according to GDPR Article 6 Paragraph 1 ff. and hereby serves the purpose of the security of the website owner. In case you breach any law, we could be made responsible and need to be able to trace back the identity of the author.

Google Analytics

According to our legitimate interest of optimizing our offer, see GDPR Article 6 Paragraph 1 ff., this website uses the service of ‘Google Analytics’ offered by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA). ‘Google Analytics’ uses ‘cookies’ – files that are saved on your device. The information collected are generally sent to a Google-server in the US and saved there.

Google LLC acts according to GDPR and is certified under the the so-called Privacy-Shield-Agreement:

On this website your IP address will be anonymized. The IP address will be shortened within the EU and the European Economic Area and all states within this agreement. In individual cases, the IP address will be send to the US server unshortend and cut short there. This reduction prevents and personal re-attachment. The IP address will not be combined with any other data collected by Google.

Most browser settings allow the deactivation of cookies. Please note: Disallowing cookie usage, may prevent you from a full website experience without any hinderance.

Furthermore, you can use a Browser-Plugin that prevents Google Inc. from collecting your data such as IP address. For more information, follow this link:

Alternatively, by selecting this link (WICHTIG: Opt-Out-Link einfügen), you prevent Google Analytics to collect any data on this website. By selecting this link, you are downloading an ‘Opt-Out-Cookie’. For this your browser must allow saving cookies. If you delete cookies regularly, a click on this link will be necessary any time you visit the website.

Find more information of data processing by Google Inc.:

User rights

As a user, you have the right to know what personal data is collected of you. Furthermore, you can request a correction of your data, a restriction of your data being processed and a deletion of your personal data. If relevant, you can claim your right of data portability. In case of assumption of misuse of your personal data, you can submit a claim with the regulating authority.

Data deletion

You can request the deletion of your personal data if in compliance with any data retention laws. Personal data saved by us, is deleted if outside data retention requirements and if their purpose is no longer required. If the data has to be kept for legal reasons, the data processing will be restricted. In this case, the data will be locked and not processed further.

Right of objection

The website user can withdraw his data collection and processing consent at any time.

If you wish to correct, lock or delete your data or want to find our what personal data is collected or you have any questions about your data collection and further processing or you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact us via the following Email address:

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