An effective training is based on different intensity levels. In cycling, this was originally based on heart rate. With the growing availability of power meters (e.g. within the cycling pedals) power measurement has become increasingly important.

Power measurement includes seven training areas that are based on your personal FTP (Functional Threshold Power, YouTube-Video):

  • up to 55%: Active Recovery
  • up to 75%: Endurance
  • up to 90%: Tempo/Speed
  • up to 105%: Lactate threshold
  • up to 120%: VO²max
  • up to 150%: Anaerobic capacity
  • 150% or higher: Neuromuscular power

FTP (Functional Threshold Power) measures your maximum ability that you can achieve in an hour. To determine your FTP, you usually need a power measuring device such as a power meter on your bike or on your home / cycling trainer. IcTrainer offers a training program to determine your FTP with a hard session. Further information on FTP can be found on Cycling weekly or TrainingPeaks.

We have integrated a FTP-Test for advanced rider to use the personal strength and weakness profile to calculate the correct intensity for the training.

If you prefer heart rate measures, these heart rate zones exists, based on your personal maximum heart rate:

  • up to 60%: Health zone
  • up to 70%: Fatburning/BE1
  • up to 80%: Aerobic zone/BE2
  • up to 90%: Anaerobic zone, Development zone/DZ
  • 90% or higher: Red Line zone/Danger zone (you should stay maximum 30-60 seconds at a time in this zone)

Speed and distance can be neglected for your cycling training when on a home trainer. Instead the best training is determined by resistance and duration. This helps your training to become most effective. For this reason, we do not show that information which some users may have to get used to. Please trust us: A 45 minute long HIIT-session at the right time of your training, will be far more beneficial than any 100km ‘junk-miles’.

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