For more motivation, it helps to listen to music, watch music videos or even cycling videos in which you seem to climb challenging mountains, while on your home trainer. This also helps you in adjusting to the correct cadence as you move along to the pulse of the music.

Currently, IcTrainer only offers download options for files, as we often experience no available Wifi where you might train, such as your home basement or your gym. Hence, we offer no video streaming to avoid annoying connection issues.

We differentiate between these different types of music or music content:

  • GEMAfree music that can be used freely (e.g. Creative Commons Attribution License): In this case we show its origin and terms of use.
  • GEMAfree music that IcTrainer has paid for and can be used by the IcTrainer App: we have developed effective and fun training packages that can be bought.
  • YouTube-music-videos: due to legal restrictons, we are unable to offer you-tube-music-videos directly via IcTrainer BUT there are several options for you to generate legal private copies yourself (e.g. Free YouTube Download). Thereby, you can accompany your training with your favourite music content.
    • once we find a legal option to connect youtube music with our training content e.g. via an existing You-Tube-Premium account, we are happy to do so.
  • You can connect your training program with inspiring cycling videos. We rode amazing routes and recorded beautiful scenery for you. You can download these videos within the App.

You find example videos in our YouTube-Channel.

A training program without any media files can be found in the ‘no-media-folder’. All programs with media content can be downloaded via the App.

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