icTrainer is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS and most Android devices. You can run icTrainer on your mobile also, but the small display allows only a very limited user experience. Recommended: 9,7 inch display or bigger.

icTrainer communicates with the following devices:

  • interactive cycle trainer / hometrainer: your cycle trainer received the desired training resistance via icTrainer. Your current performance figures are sent back and visualized.
  • Heart rate monitor (optional)
  • Power-Measurement (pedal, crank, …, optional): the interactive cycle trainer has its own power measure that can be used
  • RPM-Measurement (pedal, crank, …): same as with power: the data can be drawn from the cycle trainer
  • Speed-Measurement (rear wheel): if you don’t have a power device, you can use a speed sensor to get this data

Important: icTrainer only connects via Bluetooth-LE not ANT+. Only standardised Bluetooth-LE-protocolls are supported e.g. FTMS. Rule of thumb: If the device can be used with any third party products, icTrainer can be connected.

Why bluetooth is supported only:

  • no need for an ANT+-dongle to connect with your device
  • if you are used to using ANT+ for other training activities you do not have to change, most tracking devices (e.g. your cycle computer, smart or fitness watch …) will work in parallel and any effort with icTrainer can be transferred in most apps; good news is that we do not pressure you into a new cosmos;
  • we may look into an ANT+-interface but this comes with a high effort and plans are not definited yet.
    Any feedback on this topic is highly welcome.

Hardware example:

  • Cycle trainer / Hometrainer (just a selection):
    • CycleOps/Saris: Hammer
  • Elite: Suito, Direto, Drivo, Nero
    • tacx: Flux, NEO, Vortex
    • Wahoo: KICKR, KICKR Core
      • Wahoo-Firmware starting Sept 2019 supports also cadence measurement with cycle trainer
  • Heart rate measure devices:
    • Wahoo TICKR
    • Runtastic
    • smartLAB
  • Power-Meter (the data can be retrieved via your cycle trainer):
    • Favero Assioma
    • Garmin: Vector 3
  • Cadence Measurement (the data can be retrieved via your cycle trainer):
    • Wahoo Cadence
    • Garmin Cadence Sensor 2
  • Speed Measurement (if you have a powermeter, the speed is calculated, so you need only a speed sensor otherwise):
    • Garmin Speed Sensor 2

Contact us with your choice of cylce trainer / hometrainer, so we can expand the list.

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