Some virus scanner spot an executable file (.exe) as suspicious first and take the file a detailed test then. This happens especially for the first user and only once. If this check was successful (can take around 90 min), you can start the file without any warning.

We try to solve this problem and send our files to the virus scanner provider to allow them to perform this test beforehand. But we depends on your information. If a virus scanner provider is spotting the file as suspicious please give us an hint and tell us which virus scanner your are using. This allows us to clarify the issue with the virus scanner provider.

The app version of icTrainer don’t have this problem as it’s checked by the AppStore provider beforehand.

  • the ANT+-dongle is simply not needed to connect your tablet, laptop or device of choice. BluetoothLE supports most devices innately;
  • if you are used to using ANT+ for other training activities you do not have to change, most tracking devices (e.g. your cycle computer, smart or fitness watch …) will work in parallel and any effort with icTrainer can be transferred in most apps; good news is that we do not pressure you into a new cosmos;
  • you can connect to a ANT+ heart rate belt or Fitness-Tracker with ANT+ in meantime on Windows- and MacOS-Tablets/Computers (but in this case you need a ANT+ dongle)
  • Any feedback on this topic is highly welcome.

The full name of the app is Indoor-Cycling-Trainer.

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