You can download a trial version for trainings up to 30 minutes per day. We believe in our product and we hope you will also find it highly effective and fun. To enjoy longer training sessions, you can easily activate your license within the tool.

As a new starter you only pay 6,99€ per year. Starting in 2020 this will increase to 15€ per year. In comparison with other products in the market, this price is unbeatable.

Additional costs for training plans or training sessions that are subject to music or video licensing costs may occur. It is our ambition to make your training experience as pleasant as possible and this topic is under investigation. In the meantime, you can choose your own favourite music videos to allow the your best and most motivating individual experience.

Currently the tool is still in the beta-phase and we need your help to find errors. If you find one, we are interested to get an info about that and try to fix it as soon as possible. The tool is feature-complete since version 0.9.50 (July’20) and we focus to build a stable Version before integrating new features.

You find example videos in our YouTube-Channel.

By the way: Linux version is prepared but since a connection between your home trainer via BluetoothLE and the touch functionality is not possible for every distribution, we do not offer it for download (now).

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